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Why Is Durian Mooncake So Popular With Singaporeans

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Durian flesh has been used extensively for mooncake paste during Mid-Autumn Festival too. It is used to make durian mooncakes for great celebrations during the festive period. As Singaporeans crave very much for sweet desserts after meals most of the time, it is of no surprise that durian mooncakes sell like hot cakes in Singapore.

Mooncakes are very well sought after by Singaporeans, especially among Chinese as the Mooncake Festival is a Chinese one. Every year, Singaporeans would observe the custom of feasting on mooncakes as a family reunion or social friends gatherings with cups of hot Chinese tea to ring in the festive mood. Traditionally, they would flock to Chinese Garden to watch the full moon in the night sky and play with brightly lit lanterns. Mooncakes would be served there to be used as the happy occasion of food for mood. Like many other types of mooncakes, durian mooncake is one such type of mooncake hotly favoured by local Singaporeans.

Durian mooncake is a very popular local delicacy well liked by Singaporeans. This is due to their very unique love for durian as a regional tropical fruit. Whenever the annual Mooncake Festival nears, Singaporeans would often rush to the nearby local supermarket, confectionery or bakery store to grab hold of their favourite durian mooncakes. The sweetness is certainly addictive even in mooncakes. They munch and crunch and can do so over and over again, as the feeling of the durian taste during the biting and swallowing process makes people love durian mooncakes very much. If you love the taste of the sweet organic durian flesh while eating durians, you would certainly love eating durian mooncakes.

Being considered rare special delicacies even now, durian mooncakes are offered by not many mooncake outlets in Singapore. In fact, they do not have a long history to begin with in mooncakes. The first appreciation of durian mooncakes only began nearly 25 years ago. However, since recent years ago, many fairs have been aggressive in pushing the promotion of durian mooncakes nationwide. They can be found in popular shopping malls, such as Ngee Ann Cty and Suntec City.

From the exhibitions and fairs of mooncakes, there are hot competitions of mooncake sales on stores. Durian mooncakes are certainly caught up in the heat of the festive season. With the advent of the new social media, people posting their love of durian mooncakes on Facebook and Instagram leads to boasting of durian mooncake popularity. With all the heated up shares and likes over social platforms, this also leads to hotter competition of durian mooncakes in the online arena.

One of the more popular durian mooncake type that has been favoured by many locals is the Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake. It is made of premium Mao Shan Wang durian, which is one of the top durians offered in Singapore. Rich and creamy durian paste fills the mooncake to give people the best sensation of mooncake feasting each Mid-Autumn Festival.

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